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  • The State of Nevada Carry Concealed Weapon Course - Initials & Renewals
  • The State of Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course
  • The States of Oregon, Florida & Arizona: We issue training certificates to apply for these CCW permits

Our Concealed Carry class sizes are kept very small; typically just 2 or 3 students. We value the learning environment that a small class size affords our students. That means more time training at the shooting range and a more personalized, immersive classroom experience. You needn't get lost in a large group in your CCW class.  There are never more than four students in our standard CCW classes. 

Unlike many courses, we don't just have you shoot the short state qualification at the range and leave. We spend two to three hours on the shooting range with our students. We work on fundamental shooting and marksmanship skills, drawing from a holster and safely holstering, reloading and clearance skills, and basic shooting-on-the-move techniques. We are a bit more expensive, but you will benefit from a small class.  We guarantee it! You don't pay us until the end of the course. And, if we fail to meet your high expectations for our small classes, you needn't pay us the full course price.   

  • Nevada Initial Course cost: $125.00 per student and includes Florida and Oregon certificates. 
  • Nevada Renewal Course cost: $85.00 per student and includes Florida and Oregon certificates. 
  • Utah Course Cost (when taught at the end of any Nevada CCW course): $ 25.00  
  • Utah Course Cost (4-hour class NOT following a Nevada CCW course):  $ 60.00

  • Private Courses (for one student) are available at additional cost. 

  • Classes for larger groups are available, at a reduced cost per student, if needed. 

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