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Coaching Services

Coaching Services cover a wide variety of services we provide to your customers.

We can accompany you to a gun store to assist with your handgun purchase, we can help you get to know a new gun, improve your basic marksmanship skills, address self-defense shooting and more.  If you can think up a reason to have a knowledgeable "gun guy" with you, then you've got an idea for a Coaching Session!  

Our range sessions are intended to enhance the students’ knowledge, understanding and application of the fundamentals of pistol shooting. Often referred to as the essentials of shooting, the fundamentals are the necessary building blocks upon which all successful shooting and gun handling is derived.

After a thorough review of the Fundamentals with dry-fire practice and live shooting on the range, we will discuss training opportunities for enhanced pistol skills development. We’ll provide you with Dry-Fire and Range "Skills Drills" to assist you in tracking and improving your skills and we’ll cover opportunities in Competitive Shooting. 

Cost: $30 per hour for up to 3 students plus travel costs.