Safe Shooters Firearms Academy

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The Safe Shooters "Starter Pistol" Introductory Handgun Course

This course is our personalized beginning pistol course. If you have never fired, or rarely fired, a handgun then you can start here.  You will learn gun safety rules, ammunition basics, how to select, store and maintain pistols, range protocol, basics of shooting fundamentals and the safe use and operation of handguns.  You will enjoy a trip to the shooting range where we will instruct you in the safe use of the pistol and you will live-fire up to several of our handguns. You will use our guns, ammunition, and safety equipment. If you already own a handgun, you are welcome to bring it, but you'll still shoot our guns, too.  This course runs 4 to 5 hours in length.  Course Cost is $125.  NOTE: A Private Course for one student is available upon request and the cost is $225.